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Still, newly dumped by his girlfriend and also from his job as a TV interior designer, Carey needs somewhere to lick his wounds. And Mossby would be perfect for a renovation show.

He already knows someone who could restore the stained glass windows in the older part of the house… Angel Arrowsmith has spent the last ten years happily working and living with her artist mentor and partner. But suddenly bereaved, she finds herself heartbroken, without a home or a livelihood.

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Life will never be the same again — until old friend Carey Revell comes to the rescue. She likes to paint, eat, drink, and read literary biographies. Her previous hobbies included getting divorced and packing to move. She lives in North Wales. Kindly donated by Trisha Ashley. Confirm your bid. By confirming your bid, you commit to buy this item if you are the winning bidder at the end of the auction and you agree to the terms of this auction. Uncheck to remain anonymous. Hannah Beckerman.

Her two grown-up daughters, Jess and Lily, are estranged, and her two teenage granddaughters have never been allowed to meet. A secret that echoes back thirty years has splintered the family in two, but is also the one thing keeping them connected. As tensions reach breaking point, the irrevocable choice that one of them made all those years ago is about to surface.

After years of secrets and silence, how can one broken family find their way back to each other? She regularly chairs at literary events and panels across the UK and has judged numerous book prizes including the Costa Book Awards.

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Before becoming a writer, Hannah was a TV and film producer, spending fifteen years producing and commissioning documentaries about the Arts, History and Science both in the UK and the US. Kindly donated by Hannah Beckerman. Sarah Bennett. Nothing will distract her from achieving her dreams! Raised in a family of bookworms, her love affair with books of all genres has culminated in the ultimate Happy Ever After — getting to write her own stories to share with others.

Born and raised in a military family, she is happily married to her own Officer who is sometimes even A Gentleman. Home is wherever he lays his hat, and life has taught them both that the best family is the one you create from friends as well as relatives. When not reading or writing, Sarah is a devotee of afternoon naps and sailing the high seas, but only on vessels large enough to accommodate a casino and a choice of restaurants.

Kindly donated by Sarah Bennett. Amanda Berriman. She lives in a flat with her mother and baby brother and she knows a lot. She knows their flat is high up and the stairs are smelly. She knows she shouldn't draw on the peeling wallpaper or touch the broken window. And she knows she loves her mummy and baby brother Toby. Or that Paige, her new best friend, has a secret that will explode their world. She works as a primary school teacher and lives on the edge of the Peak District with her husband, two children and dogs. Kindly donated by Amanda Berriman.

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Fanny Blake. Highest bidder: Fiona Hornby. Amy, Linda, Kate and Jane were best friends at school.

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Now, years later, they have grown apart. When Amy discovers her husband has been stealing from her successful interiors business, and with a milestone birthday looming, she decides it is the time to reach out to her old friends once again. So, she decides to invite the other three to her beautiful villa in Mallorca for a reunion weekend. As the four friends gather, secrets are unearthed, old scores settled and new friendships forged. Will this holiday bring them together or tear them apart? And will each of them grasp their second chance for happiness? She is also the commissioning editor for Quick Reads and a book reviewer.

Kindly donated by Fanny Blake. Mary T Bradford. Highest bidder: Fiona McCormick. For the grieving youngest sibling, Lacey, life is about to come crashing down as a deep secret is revealed. The fall-out affects every member and they struggle to regain the happy family unit they once shared. Each of the siblings, take the reader on a journey as they try to come to terms and learn to handle this huge revelation.

But it was not until her four children were raised that she took her writing career seriously.

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She is now a proud Nana to her grandson, Liam, and cannot wait for any future grandchildren. When she is not putting pen to paper, Mary loves to craft, especially crochet. Often her projects find their way to friends and family. Her stories have been published in both Irish and international magazines and her plays have been performed and enjoyed rehearsed readings. Kindly donated by Mary T Bradford. Alex Brown. Her inquisitive nature is piqued when a valuable art collection and a bundle of letters and diaries are found that date back to the 's. Delving deeper, Grace uncovers the story of a young English woman, Connie Levine, who follows her heart to Italy at the end of the Second World war.

The contents also offer up the hope of a new beginning for Grace, battling a broken heart and caring for her controlling mother. Embarking on her own voyage of discovery, Grace's search takes her to a powder pink villa on the cliff tops overlooking the Italian Riviera, but will she unravel the family secrets and betrayals that Connie tried so hard to overcome, and find love for herself?

Her uplifting books are published worldwide and have been translated into six languages. In , Alex won a competition to write the City Girl column for The London Paper, with a circulation of , weekly copies.

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She went on to write the column until her first novel, Cupcakes At Carrington's was published in Alex has written short stories and articles for numerous magazines including Prima, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, People's Friend and Femail. Alex lives in a rural village in England, with her husband, daughter and two very glossy black Labradors. When she isn't writing Alex enjoys knitting, watching Disney films with her daughter and going to Northern Soul nights, and is passionate about supporting charities working with care leavers, adoption and vulnerable young people.

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Kindly donated by Alex Brown. Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of 'Dead Girl Number Three' without losing hope? And who knew that actors were actually supposed to be multi-lingual, play seven instruments and be trained in a variety of circus skills? Off-stage things aren't going well either - she's fallen out with her best friend, remains firmly in the friend-zone with her crush and her parents are driving her crazy. One way or another, Elektra's life is now spent waiting for the phone to ring - waiting for callback.

Can an average girl-next-door like Elektra really make it in the world of luvvies and starlets? Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new series! Take Two: Life is looking up for Elektra. She's landed a starring role in an actual blockbuster film and become the almost-girlfriend of her long-time crush, Archie. But with Straker-the-movie's dystopian disasters not limited to the action in front of the camera, and Archie's sudden relocation to Transylvania to play a vampire hunter surrounded by 'maidens of peerless beauty', Elektra may have to wait a little longer for her Hollywood dreams to come true I'm a bit of a wimp.

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On the upside I do like teenagers. Actually I like quite a lot of people. I've done loads of acting mostly just school plays but a tiny bit of professional too and although I'm nothing like Elektra I feel her pain because her most humiliating moments are strangely similar to mine. Actually she has it easy not only was my first kiss on stage but it was in front of my parents and my headteacher.

So naturally I decided to write about it so all you guys can mercilessly take the piss out of me too. Amanda Craig. Highest bidder: Julie Morris. Having lost their jobs in the recession, they can't afford to go on living in London; instead, they must downsize and move their three children to a house in a remote part of Devon. Arrogant and adulterous, Quentin can't understand why Lottie is so angry; devastated and humiliated, Lottie feels herself to have been intolerably wounded.

Mud, mice, and quarrels are one thing - but why is their rent so low? What is the mystery surrounding their unappealing new home? The beauty of the landscape is ravishing, yet it conceals a dark side involving poverty, revenge, abuse and violence which will rise up to threaten them. Sally Verity, happily married but unhappily childless knows a different side to country life, as both a Health Visitor and a sheep farmer's wife; and when Lottie's innocent teenage son Xan gets a zero-hours contract at a local pie factory, he sees yet another.