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Perm doubled up, gasping among the fish, Manuel bowed back and forth to supple himself, and Long Jack leaned over the bulwarks. The cook appeared, noiseless as a black shadow, collected a mass of backbones and heads, and retreated. Harvey saw half a dozen knives stuck in a cleat in the hatch combing. He dealt these around, taking over the dulled ones.

Hurry, Harve," said Dan, He was back in a minute with a big dipperful of stale brown water which tasted like nectar, and loosed the jaws of Disko and Tom Plate. These are cod," said Disko. They ain t Damarskus figs, Tom Platt, nor yet silver bars. I Ve told you that every single time since we Ve sailed together.

If you d ever seen four hundred ton o J iron set into the " "Hi! The instant the last fish was down, Disko Troop rolled aft to the cabin with his brother; Manuel and Long Jack went forward; Tom Platt only waited long enough to slide home the hatch ere he too disappeared. In half a minute Harvey heard deep snores in the cabin, and he was staring blankly at Dan and Penn. But I think it is my duty to help dean. Turn in, Penn. You Ve no call to do boy s work.

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Draw a bucket, Harvey. Oh, Penn, dump these in the gurry-butt fore you sleep. Kin you keep awake that long? At the first splash a silvery-white ghost rose bolt up right from the oily water and sighed a wekd whistling sigh. Harvey started back with a shout, but Dan only laughed. They up-eend thet way when they re hungry. Breath on him like the doleful tombs, hain t he?

You 11 see em by hundreds fore ye re through. Say, it s good to hev a boy aboard again.

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Otto was too old, an a Dutchy at that. Him an me we fought con- sid ble. Would n t ha keered fer that ef he d hed a Chris tian tongue in his head. Rouse up an see ef our an chor-light s bright an shinin.

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You re on watch now, Harve. What s to hurt us? Bright s day. Sn orrr! Harve, I ve kinder took to you, but ef you nod onct more I 11 lay into you with a rope s end. At last the clock in the cabin struck ten, and upon the tenth stroke little Penn crept on deck. He found two boys in two tumbled heaps side by side on the main hatch, so deeply asleep that he actually rolled them to their berths.

They emptied a big tin dish of juicy fragments of sh the blood-ends the cook had collected overnight. They cleaned up the plates and pans of the elder mess, who were out fishing, sliced pork for the midday meal, swabbed down the foc sle, filled the lamps, drew coal and water for the cook, and investigated the fore-hold, where the boat s stores were stacked It was another perfect day soft, mild, and clear; and Harvey breathed to the very bottom of his lungs.

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More schooners had crept up in the night, and the long blue seas were full of -sails and dories. Far away on the horizon, the smoke of some liner, her hull invisible, smudged the blue, and to eastward a big ship s tog-gallant sails, just lifting, made a square nick in it.

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Disko Troop was smoking by the roof of the cabin one eye on the craft around, and the other on the little fly at the main mast-head. I 11 lay my wage an share we 11 make berth soon.

Dad he knows the cod, an the Fleet they know Dad knows. See em comin up one by one, lookin fer nothin in particular, o course, but scrowgia on us all the time? There s the Prince Leboo; she s a Chat-ham boat She s crep up sence last night An see that big one with a patch in her foresail an a new jib? She s the Carrie Pitman from West Chat-ham. She won t keep her canvas long onless her luck s changed since last season. Ef we speak to him now, he ll git mad. He accepted the presence of the inquisitive schooners on the horizon as a compliment to his powers.

But now that it was paid, he wished to draw away and make his berth alone, till it was time to go up to the Virgin and fish in the streets of that roaring town upon the waters. So Disko Troop thought of recent weather, and gales, currents, food-supplies, and other domestic arrangements, from the point of view of a twenty- pound cod; was, in fact, for an hour a cod himself, and looked remarkably like one.

Then he removed the pipe from his teeth. Can t we go overside a piece? It s good catchin weather. Give him suthin fit to wear. Dan hauled in the painter, and dropped lightly on to the bottom boards, while Harvey tumbled clumsily after. You got to learn to meet her. The boy had rowed, in a lady-like fashion, on the Adirondack ponds; but there is a difference between squeaking pins and well-balanced rullocks light sculls and stubby, eight-foot sea-oars.

They stuck in the gentle swell, and Harvey grunted. Row short! Ain t she a daisy? Mine, too. In her bows lay a tiny anchor, two jugs of water, and some seventy fathoms of thin, brown dory-roding. A tin dinner-horn rested in cleats just under Harvey s right hand, beside an ugly-look ing maul, a short gaff, and a shorter wooden stick. A couple of lines, with very heavy leads and double cod- hooks, all neatly coiled on square reels, were stuck in their place by the gunwale.

Where s the sail and mast? Dan chuckled. Ye pull; but ye need n t pull so hard. Don t you wish you owned her? He had been too busy to think much of his family till then. That s so. I forgot your dad s a millionaire. You don t act millionary any, naow. But a dory an craft an gear" Dan spoke as though she were a whaleboat "costs a heap. Think your dad u d give you one fer fer a pet like? It would be most the only thing I have n t stuck him for yet.

Don t slitheroo thet way, Harve. Short s the trick, because no sea s ever dead still, an the swells 11 " Crack!

Captains Courageous: 1 (New signs)

The loom of the oar kicked Harvey under the chin and knocked him backwards. I hed to learn too, but 1 was n t more than eight years old when I got my schoolin. Le s try here. Manuel 11 give us the water. Thirty fathom," said Dan, stringing a salt clam on to the hook. The dory drifted along easily. It was not worth while to anchor till they were sure of good ground. Under your hand! Slat em off. Don t " The warning came too late, Harvey had picked them from the hook, and was admiring them.

Dad says. Lookin won t help any. It s all in the wages. She suffered agonies whenever he went out on Saranac Lake; and, by the way, Harvey remembered distinctly that he used to laugh at her anxieties. Suddenly the line flashed through his hand, stinging even through the "nippers," the woolen circlets supposed to protect it "He s a logy. Give him room accordin to his strength," cried Dan.

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Is is it a whale? The boys were tired long ere the halibut, who took charge of them and the dory for the next twenty minutes. But the big flat fish was gaffed and hauled in at last. He had seen halibut many times on marble slabs ashore, but it had never occurred to him to ask how they came inland. Now he knew; and every inch of his body ached with fatigue.

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The fish are runnin smaller an smaller, an you Ve took baout as logy a halibut s we re apt to find this trip. Yesterday s catch did ye notice it? Dad s deeper n the Whale-hole.