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They can also store medical data, unlock mobile phones and make payments with the wave of a hand. In the future, if the technology were to be GPS-enabled, Sliger says an employer would have to posit a strong argument for its implementation. Still, Sliger concedes that microchipping may be an attractive option for lovers of technology and certain personality types.

Human Microchipping Is Here, and It’s About to Rock Your Skin’s World

Shanti Korporaal says, like her, a number of Australians have discarded their work passes and replaced them with a microchip option. According to Shanti Korporaal, futurist and co-owner of Chip My Life, 80 per cent of the people that get microchipped are tech people. The other 20 per cent are pragmatists who want greater convenience. But that's just not life. If you can't find happiness in the ugliness, you're not going to find it in beauty, either.

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Nothing was ever going to be perfect the way I had envisioned it in the past. Did I want to keep spending my energy on that effort, or did I want to step out of that obsession and to enjoy my kids, maybe allowing myself to get messy right along with them in the process?

I chose the latter - and that made all the difference. But it does. I had to learn to manage disappointment. Life is never predictable. Life is never really manageable. If your mind-set is always, "I'm just surviving", it seems to me that would wind up being the mind-set for the rest of your life.

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You'd just get stuck in it. Because the key to everything Chip and I have learned in our life together so far seems to be pretty simple: Go and find what it is that inspires you, go and find what it is that you love, and go do that until it hurts. Know that God has been there from the beginning--and he will be there until… The End.

1990: As luck would have it, Joanna also ended up moving to Texas with her family.

So what does the future hold for biohacking? According to Sjoblad, biotechnology and embedded NFC chips will eventually become a quick digital identification process used for everyday purposes. According to this CBN article , there are plenty of legal implications in embedding chips as well. Who owns what you do?

And who owns what you buy? Are you entitled to that privacy? Or does the company own that data? Katherine also pointed out that she thought the entire episode was a PR stunt by the company. This must be worth millions in sales for them.


One interesting point related to medical and privacy issues will be proposed new laws that will be introduced at the local, state and federal levels to assist in protecting employees that do not want to embed chips in their bodies for various reasons — and protect those that do. Bold statements are being made about security that are overconfident, in my opinion.

When you consider that we are not just talking about the encrypted chips, but the people, process and technology surrounding the security implementation, the challenge is greater. An article from last year articulated 7 types of security attacks on RFID systems. A more recent article describes how easy it is to clone ID cards , although it should be added that the examples used at DEFCON were not as secure as those used in the Wisconsin embedded chip implementation. This article from stackexchange.

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  • How I was turned into a 'human cyborg' by having a microchip implanted under my SKIN.

The bank is responsible for detecting the incorrect CVV and rejecting the cloned card. Not all the systems in use today are perfect. Researchers and criminals have figured out several attacks.

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Some cards are inherently insecure because they use weak encryption such as the MiFare cards often used in transit systems. Some cards have had their secret keys read by using side channel attacks, such as power analysis or timing analysis. Some have been examined using ion beam microscopy, revealing the bits containing the secret keys. And some banks did a poor job initially implementing their secret keys such that they didn't validate the CCVs correctly. When I posted this story on LinkedIn this week, the comments were overwhelmingly negative.

Human Microchipping Is Here and It’s Going to Rock Your World | Allure

Tim Johnsrude: Optional" tends to be a temporary condition. For example, credit cards are optional, but it is becoming increasingly more inconvenient not to have one. Can't rent a car without one. Can't order food on an airliner.