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It reminded me of what I imagine Chip and Joanna Gaines have going on in Waco, with lots of vintage hardware and antiques from various estate sales and such.

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When Kit won the lottery, she wanted to buy a home and give herself permanence and a home. So she buys a fixer-upper, and Ben and Henry help outfit her home with lovely details. Each novella takes place around Christmas and has a duke as the hero. Louisa is determined to find a wealthy husband at the Christmas ball who can save her family from being exiled and forced out of their home. Louisa and James have a great rapport, but I felt the premise was a little too thin given the one night timeline.

Twelve years have passed since Jack left Eben. Eben spent those twelve years turning the Allryd dukedom into one of the wealthiest in Britain, but he is not happy. He misses Jack so much, but when Jack shows up in his house on Christmas Eve, he is determined to make her see that he is sorry and can make her happy now. I adored this loose retelling of A Christmas Carol.

Deck the Malls (Christmas Street Romantic Comedy Novella #4)

But when a band of thieves begins circling the area, the Duke of Sinclair takes Annis and the two servants to his castle. When Annis and Sinclair are forced to hide out from the thieves and are snowed in, things heat up between them. I loved the setting. Rose Walker is a writer, posing as Mrs. His eyes sparkled with amusement. Well worth the silver coin. I hope she found love and settled into a life of peace and happiness.

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Baldwin, the Viscount of Mountgarret, was content with his life. Unexpectedly, his childhood friend dies, leaving him his most prized treasures: his two young daughters. Can he? She flees from her ancestral home and unwittingly becomes a governess to two little girls. Wonderful characters, a release of past hurts and a new beginning for a family. I cared so much about the characters, I hated when it ended. The Reluctant Guardian is a delightful regency story with plenty of romance to suit the most romantic of readers.

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  7. A light-hearted and clean romance read for those that are fans of regency novels, I highly recommend this one. Life has taught Amy that love leads to heartache, and hope always turns to despair. Small town romance meets the Wild West in this sweet and heart-warming Christian historical love story! As Amy escapes her life of servitude and unwanted attentions, she enters into a new world of kindness and sincerity which is all foreign to her.

    Miss Kane's Christmas (Christmas Central Romantic Comedy, book 1) by Caroline Mickelson

    The story is heartwarming and sad at the same time. Nerys Leigh held my attention with a well written story, filled with twists and a wide range of emotions. I look forward to the next books in this series, stories of the other mail order brides that arrived with Amy. For a limited time, read three of The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series at once! The Pinkerton Matchmaker series tells the stories of the women determined to bring criminals to justice, and the agents who win their hearts. Each book is a standalone story and they can be read in any order.

    Can they get past their differences in order to solve the arson case before the theater goes up in flames? An Agent for Josie: When a lady doctor finds herself stranded without prospects, becoming a Pinkerton agent might be just the solution. Can the two of them work together to stop an uprising at Fort Verde?

    The cowboy Pinkerton agent assigned to her knows how to gentle horses, but can he gentle her Irish spirit long enough to figure out who is robbing the railroad in Missouri? I had read all three of these as they came out as standalone books. All three books in this set are very well written and hold your attention. Each book has a different crime to solve in a different place. This set of books was a joy to read. Anne Spencer is a small town elementary school teacher.

    When she discovers the school she dearly loves is being shut down, Anne and the town must come together to save it. To complicate things, Anne is wooed by a handsome local politician who is running for mayor. Anne looks to her best friend Roman and their neighbors for support.

    Anne is faced with the distraction of new romance, but must ultimately figure out what she really wants. Will love solve all her problems, or must she choose? Read the 1st Chapter. The story sucked me right in and I had to finish it in one sitting. It brighten my day and left me feeling genuinely hopeful that anything is possible if you believe in love.

    What a delightful little book! This fun, sweet, smart mini-romance is like a Hallmark movie come to life. He needs a fake fiance to save his business. She needs a Christmas miracle to save her home. The perfect deal is struck. Until someone starts to fall in love…. Snowflakes are falling on Kissing Bridge Mountain and Devlin is coming home at last.

    When he meets Allie who has a Christmas crisis of her own, they agree to strike up a deal. What could possibly go wrong — or on Kissing Bridge, possibly go beautifully right…? Deliciously arrogant Devlin Somerset is a perfect Prince Charming in the making. The story made me laugh; but also had me gasping more than once at some wonderfully executed twists. It was exciting, funny, a little sad in parts but the love in this book was amazing.

    I loved the storyline. I loved getting to know new characters along with getting reacquainted with characters from one of my all time favorite series. The ending was awesome and so darned funny. Linda out did herself with this book. I will be reading this book again.

    I love the sincerity and the friendships of the people of Kissing Bridge. Magic happens in Kissing Bridge! I love all of the Kissing Bridge Stories from this author. I felt everything that was happening along with the characters. I look forward to any Christmas Kisses books. So far, none have disappointed. I enjoyed this book very much. Keep writing more. Personally, I loved it. It was a laugh out loud funny. It was sweet and loving. I could relate to the loss of my mother. The result has been a wide range of Scrooges and Scrooge-like characters in cinema. The debut of this new interpretation of Scrooge offers an interesting opportunity to look back at several of the Ebenezers who have come and gone through the years, exploring the wildly diverse ways in which the character has been represented over the course of movie history.

    The first instance of Scrooge appearing onscreen dates back to , when Australian actor Marc McDermott starred in a minute silent version of A Christmas Carol. A long string of early film and radio adaptations of the story followed. For the first time, Scrooge transcended his role as merely a literary character and served as a biting commentary on the modern concept of Christmas as a whole, along with American consumerism.

    Bob Cratchit, a client whose name derives from another Christmas Carol character, would prefer to send Christmas cards celebrating good will toward men and peace on Earth, but Scrooge cautions against this and encourages profiting off of Christmas. A few years later, in , The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling wrote a television film entitled A Carol for Another Christmas , which modernized the Dickens classic to promote the United Nations, while also reinterpreting its Scrooge character as a wealthy American industrialist and isolationist whose nephew attempts to convince him of the value of global cooperation and diplomacy.

    Among American audiences, arguably one of the most definitive versions of Scrooge was George C. This film is notable for casting an American actor as Scrooge in a production populated mainly with English performers. In this film, Murray plays Frank Cross, the selfish head of a television network who forces his staff to work on Christmas Eve in order to mount a live production of A Christmas Carol. The film reimagines the Ghost of Christmas Past as a taxi driver, the Ghost of Christmas Present as a vivacious pixie, and the Ghost of Christmas Future as a robed skeleton with a television for a head.

    Michael Caine seemed to have learned this very lesson by the time he signed on to play Scrooge in The film was the first Muppet movie produced without Henson, following his death in