Chumf - The Early Years (The Short Beginnings/ The Chronicles / Nowhere Man)

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Some of the ideas there were interesting, though — a shifty Skynet trying to deceive the Resistance with undercover Terminator-human-hybrids and fake leaks of made-up vital information. Battling with an army controlled by a super-intelligent killer computer system is pretty bad as post-apocalyptic visions go. Could a TV series visit this time period, then? There's certainly potential there, as well as a few stumbling blocks in the way of getting it right.

Much more than documents.

The biggest of these obstacles would be the no-win-scenario nature of the story. Well, they nearly do, but then Skynet does its time-travel thing and the Resistance has to follow. How many characters that we loved have we watched die in war dramas? Look at Band Of Brothers for a prime example.

A show set during the future war could be gripping viewing, then. Like The Walking Dead , death and danger could be lingering around every corner. This idea might be the most difficult one to pull off, but it could also be thrilling telly if the right writers got involved. This new chain of events pretty much serves to delete the events of The Terminator and cut straight to Terminator 2: Judgement Day where Sarah and the T were kicking arse and working together to save mankind. As much as this decision appears to be a storytelling shortcut, it also creates a whole new timeline where a younger Sarah grew up raised by a Terminator.

That sounds like it could be a great TV show to this writer.

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Finding suitable actors would be a big difficulty, with a young Emilia Clarke and a young Arnie not being the easiest casting calls in television history. However, with the right young actress and buff actor, this could be a recipe for an exciting and fun show. While we know what happened when Arnie first arrived pilot episode alert!


Perhaps Skydance are cooking up something else entirely. Within the universe of the Terminator films, there are plenty of points where you could plonk in some new characters. Jumping straight to mind are the early days of the Resistance - the immediate follow-up to Judgement Day.

Although, yes, John Connor eventually took control, there must have been a mad scramble for life, power and control in the remaining human settlements after the initial nuclear devastation. We know that mankind survived, so there must be some other people out there doing something interesting. Can you rede since We and Thou had it out already its world? It is the same told of all. Miscegenations on miscegenations. They lived und laughed ant loved end left. Thy thingdome is given to the Meades and Porsons. - De-Identification Software Package

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In the shadow of the steppe: These Are the Names, by Tommy Wieringa

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    The Great War and Women’s Consciousness

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