Dialogo della Moda e della Morte (Italian Edition)

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Il docu-film di Francesco Carrozzini doveva essere il dialogo-racconto della carriera della direttrice della bibbia della moda italiana.

Dialogue Between Fashion and Death

Her formative path guided her to treat the most diverse and caustic subjects with tact, critical perspective, irony and wit. Is this the parable of a literature professor?

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Not at all. A few days ago, the spotlights illuminating the runway were extinguished, and for the next months people will not but lecture on what will be worn during the next seasons. It turns out to be an intimate and insightful narrative, with no frills, nor puffed-up rhetoric, that does not aim at flattering and wheedling the viewer with flaunting images of the world of fashion. The film unfolds as a witty conversation between a woman and a young man, a mother and her son in a neat, sometimes mordant, always clever, passionate and captivating way.

Born into a bourgeois family, she engaged in a doomed marriage, she spent some years with another nameless man who was to become the father of a child, a son so much sought-after and raised by herself. Dottore: La signorina si alza, si veste e si lava! Brava, brava Colombina: Mi guardo allo specchio, e Dottore: Si guarda allo specchio e.. Colombina: Mi sento Dottore: Ho capito! E ci dica, signorina, come si libera da questa nebbia mattutina? Brava, brava! Colombina: Io? Dottore: Ah-ha! Colombina: Oh! Colombina: Eh Dottore: Ecco la prima tazzina! Coraggio, assaggi pure. Come lo trova?

Dottore: Avete sentito? Forza, avanti! Prego, signorina, ecco la seconda tazzina! Ora ci resta solo questo, l'ultima tazzina! Me ne offre ancora un pochino, Dottore? Dottore: Ha, ha! Pazienza, signorina. Grazie, Colombina, mi hai proprio salvato Colombina: Mi rallegro, Dottore!

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Tall and short, handsome and homely, come, listen, learn! Here it is, here it is, here it is! The almost magical substance, certainly scrumptious, that makes every morning more than tolerable! Who among you will help me to prove it?

You, sir? You, miss? Good day to you, Dottore! But what are you doing here? Colombina, I beg of you, pretend not to know me!

Come on, help me Fine, miss, tell me, please, how does your typical day begin? Colombina: Well, I mean, first of all, I wake up Dottore: You wake up! The young lady wakes up! And then you get up, don't you? Colombina: No, that is, I don't get up right away I prefer to sleep for another little minute or two I grab myself another ten, fifteen minutes of peace and rest before I get up.

Dottore: You grab yourself another quarter hour of blessed sleep! And then Colombina: I get up, yes. I put on my robe, I wash my face. Dottore: The young lady gets up, she gets dressed, she washes up! Fine, fine Colombina: I look at myself in the mirror and Dottore: You look at yourself in the mirror Colombina: I feel I feel as though I had a dense fog about my head Dottore: I understand! We have all felt that way, early in the morning, isn't it true?

And tell us, miss, how do you free yourself of that morning fog? Colombina: Well, I, like so many others, I make myself a good cup of coffee. Dottore: You make yourself a good cup of coffee! Fine, fine! And what coffee do you use, miss? Colombina: Me? Let's see now if you can recognize the coffee that you say you drink every morning!

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Dottore: Here are three different coffees. Will you be able to distinguish it from the others? Come, miss, try them and tell us, which is the coffee that according to you, is the most delicious, the most capable of destroying that morning fog! Dottore: Here's the first little cup! Now then, go ahead and try it! How is it? This coffee is too strong!

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  • Dottore: Did you hear? Onward, now!

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    Here, miss, the second little cup! Try it! This coffee is too weak! Now we have but one left, the last little cup! This is just the coffee for me! It's perfect! This is just the coffee for her!

    The perfect coffee? Colombina: I don't know, but it's exquisite! Won't you offer me a little bit more, Dottore? Patience, Miss. Let's first see which coffee was too strong Dottore: Let's see now which coffee was too weak Dottore: Let's see now which coffee was perfect! The perfect coffee that destroys the morning fog! Thank you, Colombina, you've really saved me Colombina: I'm glad, Dottore! Rank 2: Episode Pronouns - The joy of stress. We will also talk about when it is absolutely necessary to use a 'stressed' or tonic pronoun: to resolve ambiguity, to compare or contrast, to answer a question, or for emphasis.

    Dottor Balanzone will call to share his snack of the gods. What a treat - let's listen! Dialog: English--Does the professor explain the grammar to you?

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    Nobody will ever be able to explain them to you. Dialog: English--Does the professor explain the grammar to the student? Nobody will ever be able to explain them to them. La ragazza: Pronto? Dottore: Ha ha! La ragazza: E allora? La ragazza: Come? Eccoli, eccoli, eccoli! Deliziosi e nutritivi! Li offro ora a voi come li offriva a me la nonna Signorina, posso offrirgliene uno?