Is Anybody Listening?

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Himself Michelle Dillow Herself Frank Guzman Himself Nehru Harper Herself Alan Pietruszewski Himself Kathy Platoni Herself Isaac Pope Himself Ricky Ryba Himself David Sutherland Edit Storyline Paula Caplan grew up listening to -- but not remembering -- stories her beloved father, Jerome Caplan, told yearly about being Captain of an all-Black battery in The Battle of the Bulge.

The Red Carpet Way

Servin cane and the tears'll flow down my face Hard not to frown around this place My homey just went down for eight My other one just got found in a lake So I pour the gin, down it straight Cause liquor's all that cures me When I'm in this here fucked up mind state And the whole damn world ignores me It's like, I ain't trippin y'all Just sippin more and sippin hard I cook it soft I cut it raw I hit the block and flip it all I been locked in juvie hall I been locked in the county jail For a trunk gun charge and possession for sales They held your boy without no bail And I'm knowin they hopin' I'm next to fail Which cat is next to tell?

Snitchin muthafuckas in my community Better be next to bail or catch the next of shells I've been livin next to hell for so long The difference between is one and the real one I can't tell I light the blunt, inhale, exhale Then get to whisperin Just rappin' to myself Cause ain't nobody the fuck else listenin' Is anybody listening? I'm all alone in this world So hard Anybody listening?

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Is anybody listening?? I'm alone in this world Anybody listenin'? I'm all alone in this world Tryin to hold on in these last days man I can't keep my grip cause most of the time These brothers ain't carin about jack So there's no tomorrow The horrors of the after life Feelin like I'm already in hell Done died twice Stabbed in the back with a knife These brothers was triflin' Shootin off at the mouth Like they didn't hear the G speak It makes no difference This is my life Ain't gotta be blowed out the pipe The situation crack The reason why my daddy never came back To be the man of the house I'm on my own with all the doubt How would I make it out without no father figure?

So I ran with the other thug niggas Became slash drug dealers Can't rest my head on no pillow Dazed by Sleepy Hollow A world full of danger I'm no stranger at the crime scene Investigators all in my program Cause I got off in that Brougham Don't know the 'Rip who knockin at my door I ain't never been the type to live the slow-life Now they don't understand me no more So we can't communicate, went through it on my own That's why I can't pick up the phone No one know what's goin on No one know what's goin on I'm all alone in this world Anybody, anybody Or do you?

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