Is Your Life Miserable? - Examples of Easy-to-Use Solutions

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Why not happiness?

You already have some amazing things in your life, whether you realize it or not. Most of us have incredible family members, friends, other loved ones who love us back. Learn to appreciate what a miracle that is. Most of us have good health, which is another miracle. Most of us have eyes, with which to enjoy the amazing miracles of sunsets and nature and beauty all around us.

Most of us have ears, with which to enjoy music, one of the greatest miracles ever. Be grateful for each of these things, and more! Take time every day, throughout the day, to thank life for all that it has given you, to thank others for what they give you, to be grateful.

Find good in everything. Everything can be seen in a negative way, or a positive way. When I was jobless once, I had more time with my family, more chances to create, a fresh start on life. Find the good in anything that normally irks you, in anyone who you have issues with.

Start believing that you can change things. Instead, start believing that you can make things better, and you will open the doors for change. Enjoy the moment. Anything: reading, writing, talking with a co-worker, taking a shower, walking up stairs, eating, washing dishes, sweeping. Anything can be fully appreciated if you pay attention.

It makes life better.

Caregiver Stress and Burnout -

Start small — just take a tiny little baby step. But start. And you know what? Taking that little baby step will feel like a victory. Then take that feeling of success and use it to take another little tiny baby step.

Is Your Life Miserable?: Examples of Easy-to-Use Solutions

And another. And then, yet another. Just do 10 minutes of exercise a day. The act of exercising regularly will make you feel amazing. It can turn your life around. Use this great feeling to do something else good. Read more: start the exercise habit , simple beginner programs.

How to Wake Up Early - And Not be Miserable

Just declutter one shelf, one tabletop or countertop, one little corner of a room. Just start, and then bit by bit or a whole bunch at a time , continue to declutter. Read more: how to declutter , 5-minute ways to start decluttering , great decluttering tips , fighting and beating clutter entropy.

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These are just two suggestions that have worked for me and many others. But there are many other good ways to start: wake earlier , meditate , do some yardwork or housework, start paying off debt, or one of the actions in the next section, for example. You may be able to temporarily avoid a fight with your partner or to remove yourself from the desire to work towards a goal, but eventually, something will give. At some point, discomfort invites itself. We need to be better and to make progress and to feel more than just enough.

This means chasing some ambition, taking on pain, and exposing ourselves to slight variances in emotional states. For this reason, the idea that some serene state of bliss can be sustained with pleasure and contentment, although seductive, is misguided. Over the long-term, it takes more than that. It takes a sense of striving. Gratitude is important, to be sure, and so is being well-adjusted enough to not seek out extrinsic motivators to provide a solution, but these things alone will only take you so far.

The real secret is to live a story. That will actually keep you in motion.

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The narrative you tell will determine the kind of hurdles your life invites, and clearing these hurdles is ultimately what gives the emotions you feel any sort of real meaning. You get something better. You get sustained fulfillment. Want to think and live smarter? Skip to navigation Skip to content. There is more to life than happiness. Why not happiness?

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