Mystical Dogs: Animals as Guides to Our Inner Life

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As a matter of fact many animals are spiritual though they may exhibit a very low level of development of their brain. The brain only processes rational reality.

So it doesn't matter if the animals have an under developed brain. Dogs can see spirits. They often respond to a spirit by barking.

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Humans can't do this. They are also very intuitive about things that are going to happen.

Dogs as Divine Messengers and Spirit Guides

Dogs can also bring good or bad luck to the owner. Everyone might want to check or valuate objectively how their dog affected their lives. You can even see some dramatic results. You get a dog and within a few days you can have a dramatic shift in your finances, or getting an apartment or getting something material. Sometimes you will also have bad luck with the dog.

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Everything was going good then you got the dog and then your life began to fall apart. Usually it is said that people with Aries moon or ascendant should not have dogs. Sometime later I will write an article on who should or shouldn't have a dog.

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  • Dogs are like human beings when they depart the earth plane. Their spirits are out there without being able to make a transition. This situation holds good for other animals as well. There is a special ritual that will help your dog to cross over. Once they cross over they go to a special world and from that world they become powerful.

    Then they will come to help you with all kinds of projects you have. So it is important to help the dog's spirit to cross over. The ritual is similar to the one that we are doing in context to the human departed spirits.

    Jean Houston

    Sometimes there may be a situation in which you see a dog that died but it is still in the house or following the person. You can see the dog in a dream or see their presence in the dark. Again you should do something for the dog to leave the earth plane so that they will have a better rebirth.

    Invariably everyone should pray for the rebirth of your dog with better conditions. Maybe a human birth could be a next step in evolution. You should also do spiritual care for your pets. They can do a lot to dissolve your sins also. It seems very intriguing that dogs can dissolve human sins.

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    One day when this Venkata was a boy he saw a bunch of chickens. And these chickens were in a basket. The owner of the 73 chickens wanted to sell the chickens for meat. The boy was very upset. He wanted the chickens to escape. So he went and threw open the basket lid and all the chickens flew away. The master, when learning of his actions, suggested a remedy to him. All this and lots of chuckles. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Prices and offers may vary in store. Kobo ebook.

    Dog Symbolism & Meaning | Witchy Woman | Spirit animal quiz, Spiritual animal, Power animal

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