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Intermediate B1-B2 Is it possible to loose a car and find love? Have you ever tried to eat a book? Again: where did the most beautiful fountains of Italy end up?

Moi et B.B.

And what happened to Pinocchio? You will find the answer to these and other questions reading the eleven stories of this book, eleven stories suspended between reality and fantasy, with protagonists men and women with a strange and unpredictable destiny whose life can change because of a little details or a great idea.

La casetta dei racconti (Guesthouse), Bovino (Italy) Deals

Undici racconti is a collection of 11 very short stories inspired by some dialogues of Nuovo Progetto italiano 2 and related to the vocabulary and grammar of the units of the course. Many of these stories are, so to speak, "interactive", meaning that they involve students directly inviting them to complete or to guess the ending the story and to rebuild or re-invent the plot. To be read at home or in classroom, Dieci racconti can also be used during the winter or summer breaks. Each story is accompanied by short, simple activities that help students to understand the text and also learn some colloquial expressions.

Primiracconti is Edilingua series of easy readers for adult students and for teenagers.

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I ragazzi fanno sempre le domande giuste. Io dovrei saperlo, dopo tutto, come ho fatto a non rendermene conto? Dove per vivere, spesso per sopravvivere, sei obbligato a scegliere. O avevano ammirazione per il magistrato che dovevano proteggere. Qualunque siano state le loro ragioni sono morti per difenderle.

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