Rhapsody In Blue (2 Piano Version)

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Only the reflection off the well-polished piano lid gives away the game: Alda hardly even touches the keys. But there are moments featuring Alda and the keyboard in the same frame, and his playing seems to be spot-on, the right keys in the right rhythm. And yet his body lacks ease and grace; he sits ramrod straight, frozen, only gingerly turning his head now and then.

Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

The most precise pianism of the sequence is also the most stiff. For decades, the more common practice has been to play those six-bar consequents twice as fast.

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The results are, in essence, odd, asymmetrical five-bar phrases rather than the eight-bar Broadway standard. The piece has, in this instance, tipped away from dance-band steadiness toward Romantic, concert-hall rhetoric.

Even Gershwin adopted the double-time interpretation in later performances. A tempo at which all eight bars can be played without the music getting bogged down leaves insufficient room for a virtuoso to bring out the Brahmsian yearning in the first two bars. The title would reflect the European and American influences.

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  5. Despite not yet having written down much of the piano part, Gershwin scored a triumphant success with the work which today is hailed as a landmark in American music. Promoted by The Sunday Times. See more Gershwin Pictures. See more Gershwin Album Reviews.

    Discover Music. Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue - the story behind a hastily composed masterpiece.

    Why ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is an American classic

    Gershwin News See more Gershwin News. Gershwin Music See more Gershwin Music. Promoted by The Sunday Times Lifestyle.