Secrets of a Jewish Male Slave

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Benny the Penny and the Big Secret is a story within a story. It was Lillie's It was Lillie's birthday, but instead of being happy,she was miserable. Her uncle Chris knew it, and he knew what to do. Christopher tookLillie to his coin room and Dirty Secrets. A riveting page turner about the scandalous exploits of an unrepentant ladies' man, the unexpected A riveting page turner about the scandalous exploits of an unrepentant ladies' man, the unexpected twists of enjoying the forbidden, and the consequences of indulging with the wrong woman. A Hermit's Secret. A Hermit's Secret tells the story of a lifelong friendship that forms between a mysterious A Hermit's Secret tells the story of a lifelong friendship that forms between a mysterious hermit and a high school boy.

The hermit, who appears in a rural community of southern Greece with only a guitar, is a total enigma to How to Get the Man of Your Dreams:. Therefore, the Torah states: " Should your brother, a Hebrew man be sold to you, [he shall serve you for six years]". When he [the Torah] says: "And if your brother becomes impoverished beside you and is sold to you" , Ex.

So [to avoid repetition] how do I apply "Should you buy"? Remez hinted meaning :.

Secrets of a Jewish Male Slave

Targum Yonatan : If you buy a son of Israel , on account of his theft , six years he shall serve, and at the incoming of the seventh he shall go out free without price. It also has a remembrance of the creation just as Shabbat does, for the 7 th year signals a complete rest from the work of the master. Too "seventh" is among the years a Jubilee , for the 7 th is the most chosen of days to be Shabbat, and of the years to be a Shemita Sabbatical Year , and of the 7 Shemita 's to be Jubilee, and they all point to one subject, to the secret of the days of this world from " Bereishit bara " to " Vayachulu ".

Ohr HaChayim : Perhaps it means that "when you are about to buy a slave, buy a Jewish one". Don't buy a non-Jew because you know you can keep him indefinitely. The reason why the Torah refers to the slave as a Hebrew instead of a Israelite is that the Torah is sensitive about combining the words "slave" and "Israelite. This is one of the reasons why such a Jewish servant must leave his master in the 7 th year. Maggid Mesharim : Since the Shemita year does not free him, why does it say that he goes free in the 7 th year? The secret is what our Sages said that one who goes about the desert and does not know when the Shabbat is counts 6 days and rests, and so it is forever because every 7 th day is Shabbat, for all the sefirot are Shabbat.

Similarly with this matter. Too, it hints that man should work 6 years in this world. That is 60 years he should exist and in the 7 th decade " he shall go out " free with charge as it says " naked I went out of my mother's womb" Job This parasha hints that one should follow his Acquirer, that a Jewish servant refers to the spirit that is certainly subjugated within the body. As the Holy One blessed is He said to the body, "when you purchase a Jewish servant " that is spirit, you should not permit him to go after the pleasures of the body.

For the existence of a body in this world in only 6 years, that is 6 decades of years. Peninei HaChassidut.

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One can escape the capture of the yetzer — the habitual inclination. Reuven of Zhernovitch: Once one sees that the security and rewards granted by the imbalanced self are so small that you really are getting nothing for your life and time; that you are giving up everything "freely", then you can begin to seize your liberty. Lubavitcher Rebbe : The Zohar II 96b teaches that the sale and servitude of Jewish slaves represents the descent of the soul into the body.

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  • Canaanite slaves are the initial stages of man's Divine service when he must overcome the influence of the animal soul that lusts for worldly pleasures. This is accomplished by fear of the Master and acceptance of His yoke. The person coerces his animal soul to conform to the wishes of his Master at least on the practical level.

    Nevertheless the worldly desires of the animal soul have not been completely subdued. The highest level is the Hebrew maidservant , who may be sold by her father only if the purchaser has an eligible son for a husband for her. Likutei Sichot Zohar Behar This is why, " in the seventh he shall go out free. It means that he pays his master nothing. We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt for nothing " Num.

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    Come and see: slaves are exempt from the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, and so they are exempt from the commandments. What is this the yoke of the Heavenly Kingdom? It is like an ox upon which they first place a yoke in order to work with him and draw benefit from him for the world. If he does not accept that yoke he does no work at all. So man must accept upon himself the yoke first, and then he will toil with it all that he needs.

    However, if he does not accept this yoke upon himself first, he cannot work, and this yoke can not rest upon one who is attached to another, and so slaves are exempt from the yoke of the Heavenly Kingdom. If they are exempt from this yoke, they are exempt from all other, since other are not placed upon one until this yoke is with him. Therefore, Israelites in Egypt ate without cost. Here too, " he shall go out free," since he was a slave and whatever he did was without cost, without the yoke of the Heavenly Kingdom.

    So even though his deeds were for nothing, " he shall go out ," and find rest. After gaining freedom and finding himself at rest, a yoke is placed upon him from that place that brought him freedom. If someone rejected freedom, as the verse reads, " And if the servant shall say, I love my master What does it say of this? BeRahamim LeHayyim : Sometimes the deepest secrets are found in the strangest places.

    Now we start to get details and laws. Lots of them. And this portion in the Zohar is called Sabba Mishpatim --the Old Man of Portion Mishpatim, where he gives over the amazing secrets of reincarnation based on the initial verses of our story. All of these are parables and formulaic expositions of how the soul travels and the work it must do in this world. Like the Zohar's discussion of the word Elokim above.

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    Hey, wait one second here! That is the face of Creation, found in the first verse of the Torah and repeated 32 times in the workings of Creation. It has a plural sense because of its diverse influence amongst all sentient beings and all the details. What is damaged above can result in effect below.

    As we go through this portion, take off your left brain thinking caps and open yourself up to the multitude of mystic meanings in the text. Copyright by KabbalaOnline. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work or portions thereof, in any form, unless with permission, in writing, from Kabbala Online. This is an important Kabbalistic doctrine that the universe is subject to cycles of years.