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Everyone has goals, and for some, there are plenty of things that take priority over romantic relationships. Hall, too, thinks personal and professional goals can trump relationship ones for some. For some, this may be a phase, like if you just got out of a relationship.

But for others, it may be a more long-term feeling — and either one is perfectly OK. When you prefer being single, chances are, you have even more time to figure out what activities make you the most happy. If that's something you're not willing to give up right now, you may be happier single. Yes, you may be busy juggling work, your social life, your family, and other obligations. Amie Leadingham of Amie the Dating Coach , a master certified relationship coach, says that if you feel like you need more time to get to know yourself, you may be happier being single.

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You're Enjoying Exploring Your Interests. Strive to be a person who loves life and wants to share life with someone else. Suzan D. Showing off your pearly whites seems like a no-brainer, but being happy and showing it makes a bigger impact then you realize. Whether out with friends or walking down a quiet street, smile a little, and let others be drawn to your light.

I have lived in Germany and have traveled to places like Greece and Denmark. My current love is my new puppy, Dynamite!

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But how do we get in a state of readiness to be with that person? We all know her. She has the handsome, loving, corporate exec husband and never seems to complain about her marriage. That husband travels all the time, constantly works late and leaves her at home by herself with the kids regularly.

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Or maybe not. Bottom line, the grass always looks greener. Having girlfriends who have your back never goes out of style. Being single gives you prime opportunities to engage in activities that you enjoy…by yourself. Love to cook? Why not register for a culinary class at your local community college to perfect your chef skills. Want to conquer your fear of the water?

Sign up for a swimming class at the neighborhood YMCA. Not only are these excellent ways to past your time but you just might meet a new cutie pie there.

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Johnson Cook. From weddings to cruise vacations, recognize the great company you are and go to places you want to.

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You can have a fabulous time, and have a better chance of coming away with new friends as you work the room. Did we mention you should date?

Go out.