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Make sure the arguments are rock-solid, the policy unambiguous, that the spend is demonstrably investment for the future and separate from any ongoing running costs. And, particularly for tech-focused investors and strategic buyers, remember that their emphasis is likely to be on your revenue growth trajectory, or on the strategic gap you fill for them.

Over-zealous capitalisation to flatter your accounting statements is likely to be a distraction at best, and at worst can undermine trust quite significantly. Please check the box if you want to proceed. The father of process mining Wil van der Aalst weighs in on the future and explains why it's crucial for organizations to start If you haven't started thinking about how quantum computing will impact your enterprise, you should.

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It's coming on rapidly and Here's why. ConnectWise warned that ransomware attacks are targeting open ports for its Automate on-premises application, but the company has A Trend Micro employee stole and sold customer support data, which was used by a malicious third-party actor to scam consumer IEEE senior member Kevin Curran outlines how enterprises should introduce a zero-trust security framework and discusses The network performance monitoring market is changing to address the emergence of IoT and AI. Read more about the NPM market With 5G, organizations could ease or resolve common WAN challenges around deployment, business expansion, monthly pricing models Advancements in server hardware help admins address the latest data-intensive use cases.

But this brings questions about the Finding edge software that meets all your organization's needs requires help from both the business and IT sides.

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Get the right Resource forecasting, capacity planning and upgrade compatibility are essential components of hyper-converged infrastructure ScyllaDB has been helpful for big organizations such as Comcast, which was able to trim from nearly 1, database nodes to Forrester identifies top vendors in the translytical database category and common elements that help make the unified database Possessing data stored in a data lake can be an important asset, but understanding how the data is being used, or in some cases What is peculiar about this arrangement is that by doing so the Commission does not exercise a power attributed by the EU Treaties, but acts as an organ of the ESM.

Austerity reforms foreseen in MoUs have generated criticism and prompted judicial challenges, especially in the light of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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The recent judgment in the Ledra Advertising case has brought some clarity on this crucial issue. The case originates from the financial crisis that hit Cyprus in and forced it to request financial assistance from the ESM. In order to tackle the crisis, which took a heavy toll on the banking sector, the country had to recapitalize its largest bank and wind down another.

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According to commitments the State took in its MoU, the creditors of the banks concerned, including bondholders and depositors, had to bear a substantial part of the relevant costs. The applicants, who had thereby suffered a financial loss, brought legal actions before the EU Courts.

In the first place, they challenged the legality of the MoU, which they deemed invalid for breach of the right to property enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Second, they claimed compensation from the EU for the damages suffered. The General Court, which decided the case at first instance , ruled that since the MoU is not an act adopted by an EU institution, it could not be challenged by way of an annulment action.

This conclusion was in line with Pringle and consistent with the nature of the ESM as an international agreement at least formally separated from the EU legal order. The Court, however, was clearly aware that allowing Member States to borrow EU institutions is a dangerous practice for the integrity of the EU legal order.

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Indeed, if member states could do so and additionally free the institutions from the obligation to respect EU law, including fundamental rights, this would create a powerful incentive to resort to international agreements precisely in order to escape the constraints posed by the EU Treaties and the Charter. Whereas member states are not bound by the Charter when they are not implementing EU law, the EU institutions cannot free themselves from the obligation to respect EU law, including the Charter, even when they act outside the EU legal order.

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This obligation also applies when the Commission acts in the context of the ESM. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Skip to main content Ollie Whitehouse. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Ollie Whitehouse heralds from London with a career spanning nearly two decades in information and cyber security working for companies such as stake, Symantec, BlackBerry and NCC Group.

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