The Diary of Brooklyn Day

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I take the subway with a prepaid card. I make some drunk pasta that I eat with my hands and fall asleep by Day Three. The hangover gods are kind today, but I am exhausted from a bad night of sleep. I force myself up, and the dog and I head to the park for our Saturday morning run, about five miles. There's another park near our apartment that is off-leash until 9 a. It's the highlight of my week, because our pup gets lots of socialization and they also have a farmer's market with tons of great snacks.

Canvas One Line a Day Journal - Awesome Brooklyn

It's where we drop off our compost. It's a minute walk there, and we stay for about an hour before heading home for breakfast. We have this one friend here that is really great at organizing stuff like this, and I'm so grateful for it. We don't bring the dog because he is not great around strangers and has a tendency to just bark nonstop at them, which can ruin a picnic fast.

I really wish this was different, because this is a perfect dog activity, but he's kind of a forever work in progress. The picnic is fun and the weather is perfect. We play Uno and blow bubbles and play with some pups. It's truly a pleasant summer day. This is the best time of day in my apartment, because it's the only time we get good light, so I just sit and appreciate New York for a minute.

Day Four.


Dog and I head out on our five-mile run through the park and get back around to start packing up the car. We're headed to Providence today to visit some old friends, and I am so excited! We spend the drive listening to Lizzo and trying not to get the dog's hair on everything.

We generally put purchases on our joint card when we're together. Very excited to set this thing up when we're back home. I love this park because it's right on the water, and today is absolutely perfect weather, so Providence is in fine form. We meet up with the group at PVD Fest and walk around for a bit. We watch the acrobatic thing where people dance suspended off this platform hanging from a crane, which is amazing but terrifying, and I get a Dels lemonade.

Is anything as good as eating some nachos with your friends in the summer? I get some takers!

The Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge

We take a nice walk around the neighborhood, taking adequate time to stand in front of all our old houses, and wonder who lives there now. We walk over to the park and have a last beer together in the sun. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Providence to the coast, and we want to get down there while there's still light left.

It's a beautiful campsite right on the water, and because it's a Sunday there's almost nobody else here.

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I take doggo for a walk, and B. When I get back, I get all the food set up, and less than an hour later we're eating a delicious meal while watching the sunset over the lake.

I love camping because it's great spending time outdoors, but it's extra fun with the pup. He snuggles up between us, and I get maybe a page through my book before falling asleep. Day Five. I watch the sunrise from my sleeping bag and enjoy the peaceful morning. After B. The waitress insists it's unique to Rhode Island and world famous. We have to sneak the pup down because these beaches are very fancy and strict.

I have a gift card and my reusable cup with me, so why not! In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

Critical Perspectives on Art, Politics and Culture

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Turn on your JavaScript to view content Tights options! Turn on your JavaScript to view content My must have beauty finds! After dinner we headed to Seville , a cute lounge in the James.

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Very typical NY underground lounge. Bottle service, great music, beautiful crowd. There are so many amazing places in NYC. After all, this is the city that never sleeps and I love it for that.

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