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He was brash, rebellious and rarely passed up an opportunity to point out hypcrisy and irrationality. An experience from his youth can teach us something about programming standards.

Should you ever use the var keyword in C? What about Javascript? Being clear and precise is very important in legal contracts, but it's even more important in software.

The Programmer's Odyssey - a totally unique history of coding

An unfortunate experience as a teenager helped crystallize the importance of being explicit in both legal matters and software. Learn how duplicate code can turn your software projects into a circus and what Southwest Airlines can teach us about the benefits of avoiding duplicate code. Finally, Master Po and young Grasshopper bring us a few words of wisdom when it comes to perfectionism and practicality. It's counter intuitive, but your programs will have fewer bugs and require less maintenance time if you do less not more error handling.

International Programmers' Day

Learn how focusing on making your programs fail is the better path toward more stable and more maintainable software. Cambia Research.

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Explore features and settings Fix a problem. Welcome to your new home for help: the Google Nest Help Centre. Learn how the Nest thermostat replaces your programmer, thermostat, or frostat The Google Nest thermostat saves energy like a programmer, keeps you comfortable like a thermostat, and protects your home like a frostat.

This is efficient but gives you no way to track or control how cold it gets in your home.

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Thermostat : Allows you to see and change the temperature in your home by turning the heat on and off according to the room temperature. How it works Nest thermostats combine all these capabilities and improves on them. What to do with your programmer if your heating system isn't using it anymore What happens to your programmer depends on which model of Nest thermostat you have.

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So if you have a separate hot water tank, we recommend purchasing the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat to take advantage of those options. Your programmer will also be disconnected if it controlled your domestic hot water since 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostats can control hot water. In this case, your installer will put a sticker on your programmer to remind you not to adjust the heating channel. Was this helpful? Yes No.