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What is the name of this young man? Term Moly is black at the root.

What color is its flower? Definition Milk-white. Term Explain the alternative task Odysseus offers Eurylochus, convincing him instead to join the entire crew for a second visit to Circe's house. Definition Theban Tiresias.

Metal In Metal Out

Term What is the name of the youngest member in Odysseus's crew-who meets an unfortunate death when he falls from Circe's roof? Definition Elpenor. Term What specific type of bird is mentioned as bringing ambrosia to Zeus? Definition Doves. Term What is the name of the only ship that has ever passed through the Wandering Rocks? Definition Argo. Term Circe's advice to Odysseus is "Better to mourn the loss of six men than" what? Definition The whole crew at once.

Term On the island of Thrinacia, each herd of cattle and each flock of sheep contains a specific number of animals. Term As the ship approached Scylla, Odysseus "forgot Circe's stern warning. Definition Not to arm himself no matter what happened. Term After Scylla has seized several members of Odysseus's crew, he views them "writhing and squirming" and compares them to a specific animal.

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Which animal? Definition Fish. Term If Helios does not receive "just atonement for the cows" eaten by Odysseus' men, he threatens to "sink into Hades and shine on" whom? Definition the Dead. Term The gods showed two portents related to the doom of Odysseus' men. For one, the hides of the slaughtered cattle crawled.

Statue of Zeus

The other portent involved the meat on the spits. What else is unusual about the meat-both the roasted and the raw? Definition Mooed on the spits. Term After departing Thrinacia, Odysseus and his crew encounter a fierce storm. As the mast falls, whom does it strike, crushing his skull? Definition The Helmsman. Term On his second visit to Charybdis, Odysseus avoids destruction by grabbing onto a tree.

What specific type of tree saves Odysseus? Definition Fig. Term The Phaecians are generous in providing Odysseus abundant gifts. Who stows the items beneath the ship's benches so "they would not hinder the rowers' efforts"? Definition Alcinous. Term What is the name of the Phaeacian Queen in whose hands Odysseus carefully places a "two-handled cup"?

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Definition Arete. Term As Odysseus prepares to depart, the Phaeacian Queen sends several serving women along with a variety of items clothing, a sea-chest, food and drink.

Term After the Phaeacians safely deliver Odysseus to Ithaca, Poseidon becomes agitated, convinced that he is "not respected by mortal men". With the approval of Zeus, the "Lord of Earthquake" turns the Phaeacian ship into what substance? Definition Stone. Term When Odysseus first wakens from his sleep, he does not recognize Ithaca, "his ancestral land. Term While still confused about where he is, Odysseus encounters "a young man out herding sheep" and bearing the "features of a prince.

Whom has Odysseus encountered? Term When Athena refers to the "two shrewdest minds in the universe," who are on her list? Term In disguising Odysseus, Athena creates a "nice, ugly cloak" by using a piece of a specific nautical item.

The Unicorn Emergency #8

What sea-worthy item does she use? Definition Sail-cloth. Term Athena instructs Odysseus to visit one of his "employees" first-before heading home. His name is not mentioned, but his occupation is discussed at length. Instead of providing his name, then, provide his job as your response. Definition Swineherd. Term When Telemachus enters Eumaeus's home, Eumaeus gathers some green brushwood to create a seat for his young visitor.

To add comfort to the seat, what does Eumaeus use to cover the wood? Definition Fleece.

Greek Mythology Creation Story Explained in Animation

Term Who instructs Odysseus to identify himself to Telemachus and "not keep him in the dark"? Term As Odysseus designs his plan to eliminate the suitors, Telemachus claims that he and his father "cannot fight against such superior numbers. Odysseus mentions two prospects. Term Which of the suitors encourages his companions to take action promptly so Telemachus doesn't "slip through our hands again," noting that he's "shrewd" and "smart", and not likely "to let things slide"?

Definition Antinous. Definition Amphinomus. Term Penelope addresses one of the suitors directly, calling him a "haughty and evil man. Which of the suitors is this? Term Among the household servants, who is the first to see Telemachus as he returns from his journey? Term In his account of his visit to Menelaus, Telemachus informs Penelope that Menelaus recalled the strength displayed by Odysseus during an athletic competition with Philomeleides. What specific type of competition is involved?

Definition Wrestling. Term As Odysseus disguised as a beggar and Eumaeus prepare for the journey to town, Odysseus requests a piece of "equipment" that he may lean on as they travel. What is the piece of equipment?