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We focus on uniting the sensual, sexual and sacred energy with partners or singles in a bonding, healing experience. In order for partners to experience sexual healing, they must first experience, safety, trust and intimacy. Sexual energy affects both people in a relationship and our workshops are unique, in that we foster this in safety, trust and healing for each couple in a confidential, private weekend. You and your partner will learn many techniques, including partnered breath and eye gazing, while taking into account the special needs and circumstances of our specialized couples.

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Couples will practice the techniques learned while remaining fully clothed. No direct genital touch will occur during this workshop. Singles, we will give you back to yourself. We will open your chakras and teach you to tap into your sacred energy self. Based on the book of the same name written by Mildred L.

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Brown Ph. D and Stephen L. Delivered in a fun.

Preppy and yet substantive style, this CPR Workshop is like a tapestry, woven with all the threads needed to restore even the most failing bond. Simple, yet effective solutions are presented for restoring sexual satisfaction in otherwise overly busy lives. Let us help you become a loving, sensual couple, and make your love life a priority. For all ages over eighteen and all sexual orientations, this group satisfies the needs in every relationship. The tools you will gain here will last a lifetime.

Patient Advocates have specialized training to support patients through their therapeutic journey. This typically involves helping the patient access mental health care by assisting in finding appropriate mental health service providers, scheduling appointments, transporting the patient to the appointments, explaining to the patient what is about to transpire at an appointment, staying with the patient during the appointment, helping the patient understand follow-up care and assisting the patient in follow-up care compliance.

They may teach independent living skills and lead milieu therapy groups. Patient Advocates are usually and deliberately representative of the community at large. In mental health settings, Patient Advocates function under the supervision of a licensed mental health provider or administrator. Direct outreach to community resources, such as surgeons we may refer for Gender Confirmation Surgery.

She organizes and facilitates many of our groups. Stephen L. Braveman also specializes in the unique challenges facing many couples, as it pertains to their sexual, spiritual, relational interactions and reactions within the confines of a relationship.

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Stephen and I found a way to demystify caregiving, how to find joy and peace amid the trials, pain and yes, frustration in taking care of another, even someone you dearly love. We give the caregiver hope, that life can still be found in the ordinary moments. Life is rich with beauty even as you care for a loved one. Life brings challenges, but that is where we grow. We teach practical tips for caregiving, from making their homes safe for their patients and themselves, to sex therapy for the caregiver.

As well as encouragement handling tough situations that may arise with the sexuality of their loved ones and or patients. If we can improve the experience of the caregiver, the experience of the patient improves dramatically. They provide individual and group supervision to other licensed, or license eligible, mental health providers who are members of AASECT American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists so that the supervisee may gain the education, training and experience needed to be fully qualified to become a Certified Sex Therapist.

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