The Travels of Castaway

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There are certain properties, resorts and cruise lines that we simply don't book. We require a particular level of service, quality of accommodation and overall experience from all travel suppliers.

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If they don't meet our requirements, we don't promote them. That's what sets us apart from the online travel agencies. Weddings, Honeymoons and Couples Travel. Romance travel makes up a huge part of Caribbean travel and why wouldn't it?

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Beaches of every color imaginable, jaw dropping sunsets and hidden coves and hideaways make this the best place to rekindle the romance. Everyone knows about the huge chain resorts in the Caribbean but Castaway Travel of the Carolinas can introduce you to those more intimate properties with the Caribbean characteristics we all want - outdoor showers, private plunge pools, thatched roofs and hidden gardens full of hummingbirds and bougainvillea.

Castaway Travel of the Carolinas Booking your vacation as if it were our own We've been the places you want to go and use our experiences to put you there.

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  • Weddings, Honeymoons and Couples Travel Romance travel makes up a huge part of Caribbean travel and why wouldn't it? Take us there!

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    One remarkable story of survival and family devotion touched the hearts of thousands who heard or read it. It started with a relaxing boat ride.

    Kristin thought Rylee went out to be with Edward, who tended to repairs. In the meantime, Edward felt the dog was with his wife inside the cabin.

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    It took several minutes before they realized that Rylee was missing and might have gone overboard. The couple jumped into action and issued a frantic mayday call for help in finding Rylee. For several hours, they searched the lake with the help of the coast guard and some local boaters but to no avail.

    Finally, a ray of hope shone through when one local informed the search party that they rescued a dog out of the water and brought it to a nearby beach. She immediately traveled on foot in search of her owners until she arrived in a nearby woods called Platte River Campground.

    Cast Away and Time Travel (PT1)

    The news went fast, and the Casas learned that a lost dog loitered in this particular neck of the woods.